Murder or Identity Theft?

Forward by Laura Baker, Co-founder of CyberWyoming
This new study put out by VPN provider Atlas reminds me of the series of books called “Would you rather?” It is amazing to me that more people are worried about identity theft than murder considering the ramifications of each, but I think it is also indicative of today’s world.

From the blog on Tech Republic:

A report from Atlas VPN finds that one in three Americans worries about identity theft, while only 20% are concerned about becoming a murder victim. Along with being concerned about identity theft, 72% say they are worried about having personal information stolen by hackers. This may indicate a separate fear of stolen information not being used for ID theft, or the two concerns could be conflated. 

Those fears may be founded, Atlas VPN said, citing statistics that there were 7.9 billion individual records exposed in 2019, a 33% increase from the previous year. “2019 was also the year of someone in the US becoming an identity theft victim every 2 seconds. Health services, retailers, and public entities were suffering the most,” the report said.


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