Myanmar Adopts the Concept of Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition

LARAMIE – In a collaboration with the US ICT Council for Myanmar, the Cyber Readiness Institute, and CyberWyoming, Myanmar has launched their first cybersecurity awareness month featuring a version of the Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business.

The Wyoming Competition, in its second year, gained national attention from CyberUSA last year but has now expanded to international influence.  Winners of the Wyoming 2019 competition will be announced at the Wyoming Cybersecurity Symposium, organized by Adams Publishing Group Signature Events, on October 23 in Cheyenne.  To register visit  The Symposium will feature the competition winners and multiple keynote speakers including Dr. Erik Huffman, Cyberpsychologist and a recent Ted Talk speaker.

Myanmar is the first country in Southeast Asia to launch the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. campaign, and the first in the region to be a Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI) Champion.  Now, they are also the first country to launch a cyber competition focused on businesses and organizations, based on CyberWyoming’s competition program called Made Safe in Wyoming. 

Max Shu Teasdale, Executive Director of the US ICT Council for Myanmar, added: “American tech companies are leaders in the development of cybersecurity solutions and best practices—we’re pleased to have the opportunity to build programs in Myanmar that are focused on online safety and protecting small business and enterprise information systems.”

The competition is being called the CyberReady Myanmar Challenge.  It will be conducted in cooperation with the Union of Myanmar Federal of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.  While Wyoming’s challenge is based on a checklist and process created by Wyoming companies for Wyoming companies, the Myanmar Challenge is based on the Cyber Readiness Institute’s program.

CyberWyoming introduced the US ICT Council for Myanmar to the Cyber Readiness Institute program when discussing the flavor of the Myanmar Challenge.

“It was a pleasure to participate in fleshing out the ideas for the Myanmar Challenge.  Their large population and large Chamber of Commerce membership presented different challenges than in Wyoming and their decision to move forward with the Cyber Readiness Institute’s program for the first year of the challenge allowed them a really nice format to manage the volume,” said Laura Baker, Executive Director of CyberWyoming. “They may adopt the full Made Safe in Wyoming program in future challenges based on how this year goes.”

Supporting the Myanmar Cybersecurity Month 2019 are corporate sponsors including 5BB, AYA Bank, Cisco, Facebook, KBZPay, LaLaKyi, and Vintcom Technology.

Sy Wann, Country Business Development Manager at Cisco, said, “At this nascent stage of digital transformation, it is important for Myanmar enterprises to build a strong cybersecurity foundation, which will position them for unfettered growth. Proper defense mechanisms must be in place for before, during and after a cyber attack, for both on-premise and on-cloud infrastructure.  Cisco is excited to be a part of first-ever Cybersecurity Month event in Myanmar and to be able to share our leading expertise in this field.”

MCM coincides with similar national cybersecurity awareness campaigns around the world that take place during the month of October. While several countries organize activities as part of a cybersecurity week or day, Myanmar is conducting a month-long campaign similar to those in the US, Canada, Ghana and many European Union nations. 

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