National Apprenticeship Week Ribbon Cutting in Sheridan

Thank you to the Sheridan Chamber and Bighorn Airways for organizing this amazing ribbon cutting to celebrate CyberWyoming’s membership in the Chamber and the 85th Anniversary of the National Apprenticeship Act!

On November 14 at noon in Sheridan, CyberWyoming celebrated National Apprenticeship week with Sheridan Chamber representatives, Anne Gunn of Sheridan College, Nate Griffith a cybersecurity apprentice for Digeteks LLC, Penny Rader of Bighorn Airways, and Coen Rader, an intern with Bighorn Airways that participated in CyberWyoming’s pre-apprenticeship program. Coen’s mentoring was made possible through a grant by the Cybersecurity Youth Apprenticeship Initiative.

Thank you speeches from CyberWyoming

Patrick Wolfinbarger, Co-Founder of CyberWyoming and the CyberWyoming Alliance

CyberWyoming and the CyberWyoming Alliance are nonprofit organizations that create outreach programs to promote security awareness and education in communities throughout Wyoming, like Sheridan.

We chose to join the Sheridan Chamber because Sheridan, until 2022, had a winner in Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses every year, that’s 4 out of 5 years.  Bighorn Airways, Frontier Asset Management, Craftco, Wyoming Roofing, First Federal Bank & Trust, and First Northern Bank have all been in the winners box. And, we challenge you, Sheridan businesses, to get that winners title back!  But, if there is an economic development agency out there that wants to house a cybersecurity business counselor in their office and learn to do what we do for the competition, we have a deal for you!  Talk to us after the ribbon cutting.

We would also like to challenge your students in the community to join the School Video Challenge.  We have some flyers on the snack table for you to take.  Each team gets $100 and tshirts to make a video about our digital world.  The suggested theme this year is demystifying blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  We all know the words, but we don’t actually know what they mean to us.

Laura Baker, Co-Founder of CyberWyoming and the CyberWyoming Alliance

It’s National Apprenticeship Week and the 85th anniversary of apprenticeship in the nation.  Thank you all for coming to day to celebrate with us.  We purposely scheduled our ribbon cutting so we could talk about this win-win program.

Apprenticeship is FREE to employers and apprentices.  It is paid work.  It is a structured learning plan that can be modified to meet a specific employer’s needs. And today, it has morphed into the technical world and technical skills – NEW collar jobs.   I think of apprenticeship as dual credit because while an employee is working on their apprenticeship learning plan, they are also working on industry and vendor certificates…but they get credit for both.

We have 3 open slots for apprentices right now at CyberWyoming and can help you get a program going in your organization.  We are all struggling for help, but if you create your own  pipeline of talent, then it can only help your organization.


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