National Preparedness Month – for Business Tip 4

Safeguarding Your Small Business

Tip 4: Develop an incident response plan

Thanks to the Private Sector Emergency Management Association (PSEMA) for providing these great tips!

4. Develop an Incident Response Plan:
Create an incident response plan that outlines clear steps to follow in the event of a cybersecurity breach. This plan should include procedures for isolating affected systems, notifying stakeholders, engaging cybersecurity experts, and preserving evidence for forensic analysis.

Incident Response planning is just talking it out and figuring out what you want to do.  

It isn’t just about cybersecurity, it is about business continuity.

Yes, cybersecurity breaches are important but so is succession planning and discussing what your company is going to do if the office burns down.  We cover this in Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business each year!  

What does it mean to you?  Your confidence level with the subject of cybersecurity will increase dramatically.

What’s the time commitment?  Not much, only 4-6 hours per month for 7-8 months.

What’s the reward?  You’ll sleep better at night, and the winners will speak at Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference.

What does it cost?  It’s free to any Wyoming small business because of our amazing members and sponsors!

Official start: Feb 1, but those that register by October 31 accept REAL cookies from Golden Prairie Bakery

2023 Sponsors of Wyo's Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses

Watch for tomorrow’s blog with Tip 3.

And, register early for the 2024 Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses!  You’ll get REAL cookies!


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