National Preparedness Month – for Business Tip 5

Safeguarding Your Small Business

Tip 5: Backup and Disaster Recovery

Thanks to the Private Sector Emergency Management Association (PSEMA) for providing these great tips!

5. Backup and Disaster Recovery:
Regularly back up critical data and systems. Store backups securely and test their integrity to ensure data recoverability in the event of a breach. Implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime and restore operations swiftly.

A Great Story from a Cybersecurity Competition Participant

Backups don’t have to be expensive!

A few years ago a small Wyoming retailer signed up for Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses.  She had one computer for the point of sale system and her systems were all in the cloud.  However, that one computer was important and it needed to be backed up.

Many of the online solutions were overkill, so she decided to buy 8 thumb drives and label them Mon – Sun and add the thumb drive switch to the daily opening procedures.  She had a safe in the back of the store and kept them there.  She set her computer to auto backup each night and tested her backups routinely.  Just to ensure that she had an offsite backup, the 8th thumb drive rotated to another location.

About a month ago her hard drive failed and she was able to recover in an hour.

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated!

Watch for tomorrow’s blog with Tip 6.

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