National Preparedness Month – for Business Tip 6

Safeguarding Your Small Business

Tip 6: Stay informed and updated

Thanks to the Private Sector Emergency Management Association (PSEMA) for providing these great tips!

6. Stay Informed and Updated:
Maintain awareness of the latest cybersecurity threats and trends. Stay informed through reputable sources such as industry publications, cybersecurity blogs, and alerts from government agencies. Regularly update your knowledge to adapt your defenses accordingly.

It’s easy!

Companies across Wyoming sign up for CyberWyoming’s free business alerts and more!

We know you are busy and don’t have time to monitor your digital life, so we built a network of national and local sources.  If you spot a phish, send it to to alert your friends, business network, family, and neighbors.  We redact your information, describe the scam, and send it out on Wyoming community Facebook groups, to newspapers across the state, to 2/3 of the senior centers statewide, and to individuals and companies who request it.

Some companies even make the review part of their weekly staff meeting!

Watch for tomorrow’s blog with Tip 7.

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