National Preparedness Month – for Business Tip 7

Safeguarding Your Small Business

Tip 7: Engage a Cybersecurity Professional

Thanks to the Private Sector Emergency Management Association (PSEMA) for providing these great tips!

7. Engage a Cybersecurity Professional:
Consider partnering with a cybersecurity expert or consultant to assess your systems, identify vulnerabilities, and develop tailored solutions. Their expertise can help you enhance your cybersecurity posture and provide valuable guidance during incidents.

Just have coffee!

Connect to our Members and Sponsors!

CyberWyoming’s members and sponsors are truly altruistic companies that work hard to support you.  In the 2023 competition, they offered free services with no commitment. Here are just a few examples.

Capitol Communications (Cheyenne) – free baseline employee cybersecurity assessment
Casper College – free consultation to create an amazing presentation
IECA (Casper) – have coffee with a cybersecurity professional
DigeTekS LLC – free dark web scan
HUB International – free consultation on your existing cyber insurance policy OR to explain what those policies offer
PDS – snacks, discussion, & demystification of IT services

And we guarantee that any of our members and sponsors OR past competition participants will answer a question over coffee.  

Watch for tomorrow’s blog with Tip 8.

Register for Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses or find out more about these supportive companies!


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