New Casper-based Program Brings Intelligent Automation Education Option to Displaced Wyoming Workers

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Casper, WY, March 3, 2021- RPA PATHFINDER INSTITUTE, LLC., a fully accredited Robotic Process Automation (RPA) training program, announced today it would begin accepting students for their new Casper-based digital learning institute. The RPA Pathfinder Institute will be the first adult digital education program to offer live training in RPA and is fully accredited under the Wyoming State Board of Education’s Chapter I regulations.

“RPA Pathfinder Institute was founded based on the growing needs and high demand for trained architects and developers in the Robotic Process Automation industry.  According to recent research from Gartner, Inc., Global RPA software projects reaching over $1.89 billion in revenue in 2021, an increase of 19.5% from 2020,”  said RPA Pathfinder Institute founder Leigh Mack. He continued, “t’s also been forecasted that RPA will continue to grow approximately 20% per year through 2025. The issue many businesses face with the steady transition to automated processes, like banking or manufacturing, is the lack of US-based RPA professionals. Coupled with the stagnant energy industry in Wyoming, RPA certification could potentially close the gap for energy workers at a familiar salary. Currently, RPA developers are in very high demand, earning upwards of $100,000 per year and architects earning over $150,000 per year.”

As the country continues to tackle health safety and economic slow-down, RPA Pathfinder Institute was founded with those barriers in mind. Using a mix of digital training and weekly live-streamed classes with subject matter expert Anthony Camargo, RPA Pathfinder Institute hopes to attract saavy energy and manufacturing industry workers impacted by the shift in available, sustainable jobs.

Over 16-weeks (176 hours), students will gain knowledge and resources that will allow them to pass the developer certification exams for RPA industry giants like Blue Prism® and UI Path™.  In Fall 2021, RPA Pathfinder Institute will also offer architect classes in addition to developer classes.

To be considered for RPA Pathfinder Institute, students will need a high-speed internet connection from their home; however, RPA Pathfinder Institute will provide necessary internet connection, office, and study space in their physical office located at 104 S. Wolcott St, Suite 605. Those interested in learning more about RPA Pathfinder Institute, LLC., or those who wish to apply can do so at or contact operations manager, Jinna Stroud at for more information.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software that automates repetitive tasks that are typically conducted by humans. The “bots” complete the tedious, repetitive work with extremely high accuracy that then frees the employee to focus on more critical thinking and tasks that demand judgment. RPA “bots” can run 24/7 and can be integrated into almost any tedious, repetitive task and can access any system that a human is credentialed to access.

Industries that benefit from RPA include the Department of Defense, banking, finance, accounting, human resources, inventory management, etc. In Wyoming, industries like oil and gas, railroads, airlines, hotels, government agencies, etc., could benefit from RPA utilization.


RPA Pathfinder Institute is a proud Wyoming-based institution with qualified subject matter experts able to lead each class in the latest education on the RPA industry.

RPA Pathfinder Institute is directly supported by Advance Casper, Natrona County’s Economic Development Association.

The RPA Pathfinder Institute program is designed for remote delivery in order to address the safety and schedule of today’s students. Blue Prism® is a registered trademark of Blue Prism Group PLC.
UI Path™ is a trademark of UiPath, Inc.


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