Nonprofit Participates in Cybersecurity Competition

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Cheyenne – My Front Door was the last company to enter the 2020 Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses, but despite very tight timeframes, they still managed to reach their cybersecurity goals.

“While credit goes to our small but mighty team and their “can do” attitude that we finished the cybersecurity project in such a short time, none of it would have been possible without Laura and the Cyber Wyoming Program,” said Brenda Birkle, My Front Door’s Executive Director.

My Front Door is a nonprofit organization located in Cheyenne in Laramie.  They provide real housing solutions for Wyoming for first time home buyers, while employing a unique approach to break the cycle of poverty. 

The staff including a Family Advocate in each county and a volunteer Board of Director, felt it was important to enter the competition for two reasons.  First, they wanted to make sure their client data remained private.  At the beginning of the process, they were concerned about what they didn’t know on the subject of cybersecurity and how it could affect client privacy.  Second, they wanted to learn about cybersecurity and identity theft so they could incorporate it into their client trainings for first time home buyers.

“We learned about Wyoming’s definition of personally identifiable information in relation to identity theft and how to guide our clients to request a credit freeze,” said Kristen-Erin Balderaz, Lead Family Advocate.

In addition, My Front Door partnered with CyberWyoming to bulk order brochures, bookmarks, and pamphlets for parents and children on the topic of staying safe online. 

During the project, their staff’s confidence level increased to ‘very confident’ and they went from not really knowing who was on their security team to “I have a large network for cybersecurity.”  They also felt they had an improved service for their customers as a direct result of participating in the competition.

“We are incredibly grateful for the top caliber resources provided. As COVID pushed us to work remotely it took one concern off our plate and allowed us to continue our mission…safely,” said Birkle.

The 2021 Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses will begin in early February 2021.  The competition is free to Wyoming small businesses and can be completed virtually.  The 2020 competition was sponsored by Team Networks (Casper), Campbell County Health (Gillette), IECA (Casper), Ptolemy Data Systems (Sheridan) Sweetwater Technology Services (Rock Springs), EvnTec (Evanston), DigeTekS (Casper & Buffalo), First Federal Bank & Trust (Sheridan), Cheyenne State Bank (Cheyenne), Wyoming Financial Insurance (Rock Springs), and Lunavi (formerly Green House Data, Cheyenne).


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