Nov 16 – Virtual Small Business Tech Day

Small Business Tech Day November 16

A virtual event 12-4 MST

Business success strategies – not just cyber!  A FREE opportunity to learn from experts, so register today! (It isn’t just for Kansas –  it is virtual Wyomingites should attend too.)

We are going – you should too!

CyberWyoming – Giveaway Sponsor

Don’t get buffaloed by hackers!  

Use this Wyoming made charcuterie board at staff occasions and cybersecurity trainings.  We have free, no-think implementation materials for security awareness trainings, perfect for any office manager.  Pair the trainings with food on this gorgeous one-of-a-kind board!  It will generate good discussion!

Purchased at Works of Wyoming, the store managed and supported by the Wyoming Women’s Business Center.


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None, it is a hardware problem!

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