Proclamation, Pizza and Play for National Apprenticeship Week

CASPER – The Science Zone and CyberWyoming are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week with an open house at the Science Zone, 222 E. Collins Drive, on Monday, November 14 at 4 p.m. with an industrial proclamation signing, pizza, and games to interest youth in cybersecurity as a career.  All are welcome.

“This will be a fun event for kids to attend with their parents.  Parents should come to try to beat their digital literate kids at the Cyber Threat Defender card game, have some pizza, and skip cooking that night,” said Steven Schnell, Executive Director of the Science Zone.  The Cyber Threat Defender card game, a game like Magic or Pokemon that teaches cybersecurity principles, was developed by the Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security, housed by the University of Texas San Antonio. The food for the event is provided through funding by the Cybersecurity Youth Apprenticeship Initiative.

2022 marks the 85th anniversary of the National Apprenticeship Act and apprenticeship has recently transformed to meet our digital world with apprenticeship learning programs for technology and cybersecurity. Registered apprenticeship programs enable employers to develop and train their future workforce while offering career seekers pathways to good, quality jobs, and well-paying careers.

According to, Wyoming has 722 job openings in cybersecurity including the titles of IT Manager, Network Engineer, and Systems Analyst, in addition to the standard titles that include the word cybersecurity.

“Technology and cybersecurity careers are part of Wyoming’s future with blockchain companies moving to the state,” said Patrick Wolfinbarger, co-founder of CyberWyoming.  Wolfinbarger urged families with kids to attend the event to learn about apprenticeship and careers.

Organizations signing the proclamation include the Science Zone, CyberWyoming, Team Networks, Code Ninjas, Wyoming Association for CTE, Advance Casper, HUB International, CPU IT, CMIT Solutions, Wyoming Association for CTE, FlowState, Casper College, Jonah Bank, and more.

For more information about the technical apprenticeship in Wyoming or about the event, contact CyberWyoming at


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