Cybersecurity Business Counseling

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The Difference CBCs Can Make

A Cybersecurity Business Counselor walks small business owners through the Made Safe Program and speaks their language. CBCs help business leaders write their company’s policies and procedures, identify their cyber team, prioritize risks, and understand what is really needed. Through the Made Safe Program, based in social work principles of behavior change, the CBC provides experiences of success to Inspire Transformation in how business leaders think about and manage cybersecurity risks.

About CBC

The Made Safe Program is a high touch effective program that changes security behaviors.
Cybersecurity Business Counselors are trusted and local!

Cybersecurity efforts need to be trustedpersonal and local. There are actual studies that say that a business owner would prefer to talk to his neighbor’s kid in the basement over an IT professional. Why?  It is a trusted, personal, local source. That’s what our local Economic Development Agencies are – trusted, personal, and local. We train your EDA’s regular, non-technical staff to be Cybersecurity Business Counselors (CBCs).  Add a valuable service for your clients with CyberWyoming’s support! 


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Learn to make cybersecurity fun!

Make cybersecurity a fun competition for the small businesses in your community! Your CBCs will get Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses template to encourage your community leaders to engage in a fun, friendly, and competitive security atmosphere!

CBC Apprenticeship

As an economic development agency that specializes in small business and entrepreneur training, your advisors are perfectly positioned to incorporate cybersecurity into business planning.

Small business needs cyber trained people that speak their language.  The Made Safe Program is a high touch, effective program using business language that changes security behaviors and helps the client strategically plan for their future digital world. Just like financial planning, it is cyber planning assistance! 

Your business advisors will be supported with an online learning portal, virtual classroom training, and on-the-job training in a LEARN-PRACTICE-DO environment that includes a Department of Labor approved certificate upon completion of the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship develops mastery!  It is much more than a boot camp!

Who makes the best CBC?