You can change your company's security culture!

CyberWyoming has free, no-think security awareness implementation plans perfect for any office manager or human resources manager.  Designed for micro-businesses who don’t have technical help and based on marketing principles, the awareness campaigns are designed to run monthly and cover important topics like individual risk factors, phishing, passwords, and remote work.  

Hang a Poster

At the beginning of the month, hang a poster introducing the topic to the company.

Weekly Emails

Send weekly pre-written emails, some with activities, to the staff reminding them of the security topic.  Yes, feel free to edit to fit your needs!


Following a See, Learn, Do model, we incorporated fun activities that generate discussion.  Use them in your staff meeting!


At a staff meeting, show a short video and use the preformed discussion questions to encourage dialogue.  (Yes, you get the answers to the questions!)

Order by topic today:

  • Phishing
  • Passwords
  • Remote Work
  • Individual Risk Factors (cyberpsychology)
    • Includes Talk Like a Vampire Month

Or email us at to request the materials.