Hacker's Brief

Alerting you on the latest scams

About the Hacker's Brief

National fraud alerts are combined with Wyoming citizen reports of phishing, smishing (sms-phishing), and scam phone calls on a weekly basis and sent to the Wyoming Press Association. The Hacker’s Brief is also published in several organizational newsletters throughout the State and in other CyberUSA states. Anyone can get on the list to receive the brief, just sign up on our Contact Us page or email info@cyberwyoming.org.

Wyoming Citizens: Report Wyoming scams you have spotted to phishing@cyberwyoming.org.

Inspired by Wyoming CAN (Cybersecurity Action Network) Committee

Administered by the CyberWyoming Alliance, committee member.

For a full list of hacker's briefs, visit Wyocan.org

Example of a smishing scam reported by a Wyoming Citizen.

Banks & Credit Unions

Banks are invited to support both their local newspapers and community cyber safety by sponsoring this public service announcement in their local papers. Thanks to First Federal Bank & Trust for sponsoring the Hacker’s Brief in the Sheridan Press! Click here to see an example of the Brief.

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