Recruiting for Advisory Board to Create Rural IT Offering

Cybersecurity Collaborative and CyberWyoming Calling for Feedback

Rural Offering Advisory Board Recruiting for Tech Advice

LARAMIE – Technical and cybersecurity related webinars are often general and for larger enterprises, but the Cybersecurity Collaborative and CyberWyoming want to change that and create a small shop, rural offering of topics. 

“Cyber threats are constant… Building a strong community that shares awareness practices and provides outside assistance when necessary is the best way to be prepared to defend against these continually moving targets,” said David Powell, Vice Chairman of CyberUSA.

The Collaborative and CyberWyoming are currently recruiting for a Rural Offering Advisory Board which will help define the topics and gaps for technical training for those businesses that have part-time tech help or only one technical generalist on staff.  In addition, pricing advice will be sought.  The Board will meet on a monthly basis starting in May for one year and members are asked to commit 3-5 hours of their time per month.   Interested parties should contact

“We know this is a time commitment, but Wyoming is perfectly situated to tell us what rural IT people need,” said Stuart Cohen, CEO of the Cybersecurity Collaborative.  “We have been focused on big business, but this leaves a gap in America’s economy and supply chain.  We need small business to tell us how to address this gap by participating in our program and telling us what to change.  As an incentive, the Cybersecurity Collaborative is offering their Community Membership for $1000/year for all Board members instead of the regularly priced $5000/year,” continued Cohen.

“Our goal is to recognize the limited time factors and provide assistance in relevant, small, consumable, and implementable offerings,” said Cohen.

The Community Membership includes the Morning Security Report, 2 calls per month with subject matter experts, and open webinar summaries.  Currently the types of topics include Current Approaches to Password Mgmt., Credentials and Avoiding and Detecting Phishing Attacks, Secure Controls, Framework Implementing Security Controls at the Start of the New Year, After an Incident – Who do you contact and how do you recover, How to Be Prepared Before an Incident Happens, How to implement Vendor Risk Management, Do I move to the Cloud? Setting up Security in a cloud environment vs. our internal servers, Implementation of industry frameworks, The Art of Cyber War: Security Drills to Start With, Insider threats, employees coming to your company with at risk code and employees leaving with critical data, Establishing a Security Culture of Joint Ownership, Partnership & Accountability Between Business and Technology Leaders, Avoiding, detecting and surviving email fraud to executives, Avoiding, detecting or surviving Malware.

As an added incentive, CyberWyoming will provide each company with 2 annual licenses to the TruSTAR threat sharing platform and promote each Board member company while the Board plans and advice is released.


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