Renting vs Buying Equipment from your ISP

Working webinars are a new part of Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses. The first one was on February 25th and featured Jason Jenkins from Silver Star Communications and Dave Berry from Range, two Wyoming internet service providers (ISPs).

One of the questions we get every year in the competition is Where does my ISPs responsibility end and mine begin? So, we created a working webinar to discuss that exact question.

Stay tuned to our video series this week releasing 5 videos:
1. Renting versus buying equipment on your own – pros and cons
2. Terminology for basic networks
3. Managing a router – tips from an ISP
4. What you need to know about ISPs and managing your voice applications
5. Where does your ISP’s reponsiblity end and yours begin?

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While you don’t have to be in the competition to attend the working webinar, priority is given to competition participants during the mentoring section of the session.

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