Senior Flyers and Hacker’s Brief Helps Neighbors Protect Neighbors

Several Wyoming citizens reported really interesting scams this past week to One was from a Harry Potter character who must be more on Voldemort’s side than Harry’s. Because some of these were so convincing, funny, or blatant scams I thought we should post the screen prints.

These alerts are sent to the 2/3 of the senior centers statewide and also to several newspapers in the state who print this as a public service for their community. This is one of the programs that the CyberWyoming Alliance is asking for help to expand and improve upon. #WyoGives is July 15 and please think of us.

In the Harry Potter books, Ron Weasley is the good guy but this hacker obviously works for Voldemort’s side.
The writing in red is our analysis of this email. A simple Google search can save you a lot of hassles.
This scam says they are from PayPal but if you look at the ‘From’ they obviously aren’t. Google flagged the Activate button as a known identity theft scheme.
This is a good example of a typical generic extortion email scam. They don’t have any mysterious access to your computer. It is a scare tactic.
Dr. Erik Huffman, a Cyberpsychologist, said at the Wyoming Cybersecurity Symposium last year “I’m much more afraid of an English major” when it comes to hacking.
Why? Because they can craft an amazing email that is more believable.
This email is not the case. It is riddled with misspellings, incorrect capitalizations, and improper grammar – all a clue that this is a fake.


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