Shred-It Study Focuses on Small Business Data Security, Training, and Policies

Training is often free, especially if you use the resources available at your local economic development centers like CyberWyoming, your Chamber of Commerce, the Wyoming Small Business Development Center, the Wyoming Women’s Business Center, and more. There are also good YouTube videos on cybersecurity basics from reliable sources. Yet, it is often something we, as small business owners, don’t take the time to do.

However, the new Shred-It data security study reported that human error is still the cause of many data breaches and, in fact, ‘human error or accidental loss’ has jumped to 53% (from 28% in 2018) as the cause of data breaches.

Simple non-technical solutions like having security policies and ongoing training for your employees combat this statistic. The report said that both the policies and the employee training on the policies are lacking. But still the c-suites (CEO,CFO,COO, CIO etc) have growing worries of a data breach.

For more information about the report, check out this link.
A big thank you to the Cybersecurity Collaborative’s Morning Security Report team for bringing this information to our attention.


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