Sites Promoting Malware – How do you know?

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming, 5/13/19

When you Google Search does more than one official looking site come up? For instance, this week in the news and were both in the news and is the URL that also downloads malware. Keepass is password management software, so it is pretty important to your privacy to make sure you have the right site.

So, how do you know? Use VirusTotal.

Enter the URL into the URL tab and then see what happens.

Note that VirusTotal also allows you to enter a general search for an IP address. So, if you get a Phishy email and aren’t sure about it, switch to view the Header (or Original on Gmail) and get the IP address it came from. Then copy and paste that IP address into VirusTotal and see what comes up.

You will rarely get a false positive, but still be wary if no alerts occur. It may be a new website or IP address that no one has reported yet. In the case of emails, most people just delete them instead of sharing them with others. But, I would encourage you to share to save someone else a headache in the future.

Here’s the article on Bleeping Computer about if you would like to read further. This came to our attention via the Cybersecurity Collaborative’s Morning Security Report.


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