SpiKey Hacks Door Locks

Forward by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming: A lot of people forget that part of cybersecurity is physical security. Cybersecurity is everybody’s responsibility. I had meant to post this in October, so the featured image still talks about National Cybersecurity Awareness month. Like a lot of ‘months’ cybersecurity awareness is still valid even if we are in November.
Thanks to Chris Bonatti for allowing us to reprint this article from his newsletter.

By Chris Bonatti, President of IECA, Casper, WY

Underscoring once again just how much information is routinely collected by smart phones, smart speakers, surveillance cameras, and drones — researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed an attack called SpiKey that can sense the shape of the cuts in a door key from the sound it makes when you insert it.

When a victim inserts his or her key into the lock, the emitted sound is captured by the attacker’s microphone (or any reliable nearby device). SpiKey leverages the time difference between audible clicks to ultimately infer the bitting information, revealing the shape of the physical key.

We sense that some kind of blow up is inevitable for data collection and surveillance. Capabilities are now frighteningly high, collection devices are ubiquitous, numerous jurisdictions have turned to banning things like facial recognition. What ever will be next?


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