Sweetwater Technology Services Joins the Made Safe in Wyoming Program

Rock Springs Company Builds State Cybersecurity Efforts

ROCK SPRINGS – Sweetwater Technology Services of Rock Springs has joined the Made Safe in Wyoming Program as a Founding Member to help build a cybersecurity community in Wyoming, one business or organization at a time. 

“Cyber threats are constant, which means national and state security agencies must know their data and security vulnerabilities, and be proactive in their defense. Building a strong community that shares awareness practices and provides outside assistance when necessary is the best way to be prepared to defend against these continually moving targets,” said David Powell, Vice Chairman of CyberUSA.

Sweetwater Technology Services and CyberWyoming have answered CyberUSA’s call to action.

The Made Safe in Wyoming Program is administered by CyberWyoming,  a nonprofit organization. The program helps business owners develop and implement best practices to become cyber secure through partnerships with Wyoming technology companies, law firms, insurance companies, education, and more.

“It is very rewarding to hear that the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition (SEDC) was able to facilitate two local companies working together for the betterment of Rock Springs, (namely) Sweetwater Technology Services and CyberWyoming.  Our Small Business Roundtable has been in existence for 5 years now and continues to help Sweetwater County businesses grow together,” said Kayla McDonald, Business Development Manager, of Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition.

Sweetwater Technology Services has 86 years of experience, promises ‘no geek speak’, and is active in the Rock Springs community including supporting 12 different organizations and causes within the area.

“Cybersecurity threats are rising at an exponential rate. These attacks cost individuals and businesses millions per year due to down time, customer confidence and restore expenses. The cost of securing and maintaining your environment is minimal compared to the impact of a cyber attack,” said Jill Eaton, Manager of Sweetwater Technology Services.

Each technology company that becomes a Member of the Made Safe in Wyoming Program is required to go through an application process to ensure that they have the skills, certifications, expertise, and vendor relationships to properly help Wyoming business owners. Once they become a vetted member, the program recommends them to businesses and organizations across the state. 

“Any Wyoming technology company can go through the vetting process. What we don’t want is the semi-techno savvy hobbyist buying home use products off the shelf and installing them for businesses,” said Pat Wolfinbarger, CyberWyoming’s Co-Founder. “Home use products are not as secure in a business setting. In contrast, reputable IT companies have vendor relationships to purchase business class software and hardware, many times for the same prices.”

Sweetwater Technology Services is best known for providing fast and reliable service with little to no downtime at a predictable cost.  With their business savvy IT professionals, they allow you to focus on your business, not necessarily the technology that helps you run it.

“Last year we didn’t have one competitor in the Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses in the Rock Springs area,” said Wolfinbarger.  “This year, with Sweetwater Technology Services as a member and Wyoming Financial Insurance as a sponsor, we hope to change that and get at least a handful of participants.”

In a continuous effort to motivate Wyoming business owners to become cyber secure, the 2019 Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business was officially announced on February 10th.  The Competition was the brain child of CyberWyoming and was established through a partnership with the Wyoming Business Report, owned by Adams Publishing Group. 

The competition already has 4 participants and concludes in the fall of 2019 with Wyoming Business Report’s Cybersecurity Symposium. 

While there is no entry fee, participants in the competition should be prepared for possible financial outlays to upgrade software, purchase hardware, and purchase cyber related services from attorneys, insurance agents, or IT professionals.

The top three businesses win a speaking engagement at the Wyoming Cybersecurity Symposium , the use of the Made Safe in Wyoming logo and marketing materials to show their customers they meet best practices in cybersecurity, recognition statewide via press releases, an article on CyberWyoming’s and the Wyoming Business Report’s website and social media accounts, a promotional video outlining the business’s successful efforts to meet best practices in cybersecurity, and promotional stories in the Wyoming Business Report.  However, all businesses that participate in the competition will be recognized at the Cybersecurity Symposium, on the two websites, and in a statewide press release.

“It will be great to have two local companies (Sweetwater Technology Services and Wyoming Financial Insurance) supporting any needs the participants of the Competition may have,” said Wolfinbarger. “In order to use the logo, we do require a member to double check the work that has been done.  It builds a local relationship and creates a great support structure for the business owner.”

To participate in the competition, business owners or managers should contact info@cyberwyoming.org to get a copy of the intent to participate form and make an appointment to discuss how to become cyber secure.  CyberWyoming is responsible for monitoring efforts to meet best practices and helping the business owners document their progress.  The final step is submitting the documentation to the judges, chosen by Adams Publishing Group staff.

“It was a thrill to participate in the Made Safe in Wyoming cybersecurity competition. We hope others will follow suit and help make Wyoming a leader in cybersecurity!” said Craig Boal, Director of Software Development at Language I/O and winner of second place in the 2018 Competition.  Boal worked closely with Matt Cook, Software Developer and Data Protection Officer at Language I/O to create policies and secure their intellectual property, physical office, and network.  All winners and participants from last year have expressed a willingness to mentor for the 2019 competition and encourage community business members to participate.


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