Synthetic Identity Fraud

What is it?

By Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

Synthetic Identity Fraud (SIF) is when scammers use stolen and fake data to build up a background of a totally new and non-existent person. They use this non-person’s identity to buy goods and gain loans.

So, they may use a social security number from one person (often a child who hasn’t applied for credit yet), a driver’s license number from another, an address from a transient part of a city, a phone number that goes to a burn phone, and work information that was taken off of Then they assign all of this information a new name and have a new person. Each piece of data checks out individually, but not as a whole.

Note: if you haven’t put a credit freeze on your kid’s credit accounts,
now is the time to do so.

The main target is businesses who may be tricked into thinking that the SIF is a new customer.

Because no one person is being affected, reporting the theft isn’t as clear.

SIF is the fastest growing financial crime and accounts for 80% of all credit card fraud losses.

For more information on SIF, check out the Forbes article here:


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