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In celebration of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October), the Wyoming Department of Education’s CTE (Career and Technical Education) Division and CyberWyoming Alliance teamed up to bring national cyber and tech teaching resources to Wyoming’s educators.

It all started when RING (Regions Investing in the Next Generation) mentioned in a national conference that they had programs in every state except Wyoming.  A conference attendee from the Idaho National Lab called the CyberWyoming Alliance from the conference and said “I bet you can remedy this situation.”  RING is an online high school cybersecurity course that offers interesting and engaging content specifically for students and schools that don’t have a cybersecurity program.

“When I found out RING actually has teachers that will teach Wyoming classes with a proctor in the classroom, I thought holy cow this is something we need here in our small school districts!” said Laura Baker, President of CyberWyoming Alliance.

A discussion and brainstorm of other useful technical programs soon took place between Dr. Michelle Aldrich, Career & Technical Education Supervisor, at the WDE CTE and Baker.  The webinar series was developed.

“It is amazing how some small comment at a conference can lead to a teacher resource webinar series,” said Baker.

Aldrich and Baker began contacting program contacts, sometimes using nothing but the info@ email address from a known program. 

A series of 3 webinars were developed, bringing national resources to Wyoming.  Recordings of the videos can be found at https://cyberwyoming.org/educator-resources/

Contact the WDE CTE division for slides and other handouts.

October 12:  
Teach Cyber
Cyber Patriot for K-6
Idaho National Lab
Cyber in a Box School Video Challenge

October 19:
Wyo BEE (Blockchain Education for Everyone)
Lego Attack & Defense Models
Free website tools to use in the classroom

October 26:
MAGIC (Mid Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Center)
CompTIA Spark Program
Cyber Patriot Program
Cyber Threat Defender card game

“I love that the recordings are available to teachers in the future.  This was a great summary of ‘what’s out there’ so teachers don’t have to recreate the wheel in tech and cyber curriculum,” said Baker.



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