Tech Worker Shortage Solution – Apprenticeship Program

LARAMIE – Like the rest of the nation, Wyoming has a shortage of technology professionals, according to

In order to address that shortage, CyberWyoming was the first in the region to develop a technology apprenticeship program in 2019. Along with the State Office of Apprenticeship and the Department of Labor, two apprenticeship curricula were developed for the entry level IT Specialist and the more advanced Cybersecurity Technician.

The program is free to any Wyoming employer and provides a nationally recognized training program to encourage mastery of tech job functions. 

“Our employer and apprentice surveys have shown a high level of satisfaction with the program,” said Laura Baker of CyberWyoming. “I think, because this is free to employers and apprentices, anyone wanting to build a pipeline of talent should take advantage of it.”

CyberWyoming’s program advocates that today’s IT apprentices are tomorrow’s IT managers and need to be trained in conflict management, project management, accounting statements, policies, culture, and other managerial soft skills.  Thus, the technical competencies are paired with soft skills training.

“In technology, it’s easier to teach trade-craft and most candidates come in with little soft skills. This program helps by blending the soft skills into relatable training,” said Steve Hendrickson of CMIT Solutions of Casper. 

When Hendrickson was asked about the future of his apprentices at CMIT he replied, “Having someone with a full skill set is a great find. I just have to look at my team to find that.”

CMIT’s apprentices are about 3/5 of the way through the Cybersecurity Technician Apprenticeship program.

U.S. Department of Labor studies have shown that apprenticeship increase retention and employee satisfaction rates.

Apprentices who complete the program are awarded a nationally recognized certificate from the Department of Labor.

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