Triple Win for Wyoming!

Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses and the Gula Tech Foundation Grant are a TRIPLE WIN for Wyoming!

Our plan is to reach Wyoming businesses where they are by partnering with local economic development agencies with feet already on the ground in local communities. This will include training local EDA staff to become cybersecurity business counselors and paying the EDA for the local businesses run through our Made Safe in Wyoming® process.

Triple Win

  1. The Wyoming economy will become more resilient as more businesses learn to manage their security risks.
  2. Local Economic Development Agencies will have another revenue stream and can develop information security expertise.
  3. CyberWyoming expands a 4-year proven program tailored to rural business environments.

Wyoming CAN be secure with cooperation and collaboration throughout the State.

The Gula Tech Foundation Grant allows CyberWyoming and the CyberWyoming Alliance to make a REAL impact in Wyoming’s economy and workforce expertise. We can’t express our appreciation enough.

Watch our website for more information as the application program and budget are determined. Questions? Contact us at


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