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Yes! There's a cybersecurity tie-in!

The Boys and Girls Club of Cheyenne tied for third place in the 2021 Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses! 

Support them and join Will Run for Cannoli on July 13 in Cheyenne at Lions Park.

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Cybersecurity: The "Will Run for Cannoli 5k" Edition

Get ready to sprint, jog, or walk your way to sweet victory at the 10th annual “Will Run for Cannoli 5k”! This isn’t just a race—CyberWyoming Alliance is taking it further – it’s a metaphor for the wild world of cybersecurity! On July 13th, Lions Park in Cheyenne transforms into a runner’s (and cyber defender’s) paradise, blending scenic lake views with gentle challenges, suitable for all ages and security postures.

Let’s draw the parallel!

Training and Preparation

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5k Run: Just like runners need to train, stretch, and load up on carbs, cybersecurity pros need to beef up their defenses, patch those vulnerabilities, and guzzle down some…cyber juice?

Cybersecurity: Think of your firewall as your running shoes. Without it, you’re just asking for blisters—or in this case, breaches. And remember, the only thing worse than running a 5k unprepared is logging into your system only to find it’s been hijacked by a group of hackers demanding cannolis for ransom.

Navigating Challenges

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5k Run: As you navigate around Sloan’s Lake, breeze through a tunnel, and loop the golf course, you’ll face various terrains and surprises—like that one guy in a banana suit who always shows up.

Cybersecurity: Similarly, in cybersecurity, you’ll navigate phishing lakes, malware tunnels, and ransomware golf courses. And yes, there’s always that one hacker in a banana suit throwing off your defenses.

Tools and Gear

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5k Run: Proper running shoes, a good playlist, and maybe some anti-chafing cream.

Cybersecurity: For cybersecurity, think securing your home router, encryption, and a solid backup plan—your anti-chafing cream for the digital world. Don’t forget your cybersecurity playlist: “Firewall of the Tiger,” “Run Security Run,” and “Don’t Stop Breach-leaving.”

Rewards and Motivation

5k Run: At the finish line, you get to indulge in a scrumptious, homemade Sicilian cannoli. Because nothing says victory like deep-fried dough filled with sweet ricotta.  And, don’t forget to come by CyberWyoming Alliance’s booth to grab some extra snacks and stickers.

Cybersecurity: In the cybersecurity realm, your cannoli is a secure home network and the satisfaction of knowing your data isn’t being auctioned off on the dark web. Also, avoiding awkward calls to friends and family explaining why their data is now in the hands of someone named “DarkLord87.”

Community and Support

5k Run: Running in a community event supports a good cause, like the Boys and Girls Club of Cheyenne. Plus, running in a group means you can blame your slow pace on “team strategy.”

Cybersecurity: In cybersecurity, sharing threat intel and best practices with the community helps everyone stay safe.  Sign up for the free Hacker’s Brief on our Contact Us page. It’s like having a running buddy who warns you about the pothole before you faceplant into it.

Continuous Improvement

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5k Run: After the race, review your performance and aim to do better next time. Maybe lay off the pre-race tacos.

Cybersecurity: Post-incident reviews are crucial. Talk to your friends and family. Learn from your mistakes, and maybe next time, you won’t end up sprinting through a tech support scam in your cyber-underwear.

Family and Teamwork

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5k Run: The family that runs together has fun together. Special family registration options ensure everyone can join the fun—even Aunt Martha, who still thinks the internet is a series of tubes.

Cybersecurity: Foster a culture of cybersecurity within your family. Remember, it takes a village to avoid a phishing scam or a family password to avoid the grandparents scam. Make sure your checklist contains that one really paranoid family friend and IT guy named Dave.

So, lace up your sneakers (or tighten your firewalls) and get ready to race for a cause, race for fun, and most importantly, race for the love of cannoli and cybersecurity victory!


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