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By Guest Blogger, Chris Bonatti, Cybersecurity Consultant with IECA of Casper

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Russia Cracks Down on VPNs

In June, Russian telecommunications regulator Roscomnadzor announced that they would be taking measures to limit access to virtual private network (VPN) services that violate Russian law, which can simply mean providing access to content previously deemed illegal by the government. As the invasion of Ukraine moved into the summer, the escalating information war led to increased blocking of content that Russia claims is “misinformation”. Russian citizens were increasingly turning to VPN services as a means to evade the blocks. Responses to this move from VPN service providers have so far been mixed.

VPNs Pull The Plug in India

In June, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-India) said they would begin enforcing new controversial data retention requirements. These rules require VPN service providers to store the real names, contact details, and IP addresses assigned to subscribers for at least five years for the purpose of aiding their cyber incident response. In reaction, VPN service provider ExpressVPN announced that it would be removing all of its servers from India. Their departure was followed shortly afterward by Surfshark. ExpressVPN users, at least, won’t necessarily be out of luck though. The company says they will still be able to connect to VPN servers in Singapore and in the UK that will assign them Indian IP addresses.


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