Wallop Civic Engagement Program Released

by Jean Garrison, PhD, School of Politics, Public Affairs & International Studies and Director of the Malcolm Wallop Civic Engagement Program

on December 9, the University of Wyoming Wallop Civic Engagement Program released its new K-12 virtual social studies curriculum catalog. In response to the growing need for virtual education resources, the Wallop Civic Engagement Program shifted its focus to address the need. Through the creation of this platform, these new, free resources, will be available for Wyoming teachers.  This project would not have been possible without your contributions!  THANK YOU!

Please check it out and share this information widely.

The virtual library includes short video presentations across a range of topics, such as civics, civic engagement, government, history, geography and economics — all from UW faculty and partners from Wyoming community colleges and public experts.

Along with brief video courses, the project provides an accompanying teacher resource guide, including discussion questions, and offers teachers the opportunity to schedule a live chat-back, an “Ask Me Anything” session with the expert presenters to delve deeper into each topic.

The catalog of resources provides content in correlation with the six Wyoming social studies content standards: citizenship (government and democracy); culture and cultural diversity; production, distribution and consumption (economics); time, continuity and change (history); people, places and places and environments (geography); and technology, literacy and global connections.

The Wallop Civic Engagement Program K-12 Project represents a collaboration between UW’s College of Arts and Sciences’ School of Politics, Public Affairs and International Studies; the Office of Engagement and Outreach; and UW’s College of Education Trustees Education Initiative. The project focuses on student education and virtual K-12 curriculum as part of its broader statewide community engagement commitment.

“The innovative, interdisciplinary outreach effort to partner with Wyoming schools to provide digital resources that address specific curricular needs offers an excellent example of how UW can be a 21st century land-grant university true to Wyoming roots,” UW President Ed Seidel says.

The project is inspired by former Wyoming Sen. Malcolm Wallop, who in his distinguished career serving in the U.S. Senate for three terms and in the Wyoming Legislature, is remembered for his commitment to civil discourse, public education and public service. The project is made possible through the support of The Tucker Foundation, Rocky Mountain Power Foundation and donors.

The Wallop program began in 2017 to help Wyoming communities and to support UW faculty and student research opportunities. Jean Garrison, UW professor of political science and international studies in the School of Politics, Public Affairs and International Studies, directs the program. She has served a number of administrative roles, including as founding director of UW’s Office of Engagement and Outreach and Center for Global Studies. The K-12 curriculum project is co-directed by Jason McConnell, UW assistant professor of political science who also has served as a Wallop Faculty Fellow.

For more information about the Wallop curriculum project, click here or email wallop@uwyo.edu.


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