Warren Buffett Comments on Cybersecurity

‘Cyber poses real risk to humanity’ – Buffett

Prologue by Laura Baker, Co-founder CyberWyoming May 2, 2019

In reading Dawn of the Code War by John Carlin, there was a case he discussed about a data breach for an unnamed Phoenix retailer. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses were stolen from a customer database. Chillingly, this list of 100,000 Americans ended up in ISIS’s hands and they filtered out all the .gov and .mil email addresses and crowd sourced a kill list. Here’s the NBC News article link about that. It is disturbing.

But thinking about Wyoming, I have friends, family, and neighbors that work in government and the military. This story hit home when I realized that one of their names could have been on that list had the same hack occurred in Wyoming.

Now, when reading the Yahoo! Finance interview with Warren Buffet by Daniel Howley on April 30, 2019, the message is reiterated. Buffett flat out says “Cyber poses a real risk to humanity.” He stated in the article that one of his biggest concerns is the use of cyber attacks by individuals, terror groups and nation states.

To read the full Yahoo! Finance article, follow this link:

I do think that as business owners, responsible citizens, managers, and employees doing our absolute best to ensure that our customer data is protected is our civic duty. It sure is nice to know someone like Warren Buffett agrees!


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