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Fake Tech Support Screen

Tech Support Scams

One Couple's Journey

Real life cyber crime happens.  Hear one couple’s description of their experience with a tech support scam, the feelings and reactions it invoked, and their advice to you if you experience the same.

In Wyoming in 2023, Tech Support Scams cost our senior citizens over $721,870 according to the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center (ic3.gov).  Nationwide, tech support fraud was the number one crime impacting citizens over 60 with over $589 million in reported losses.

“Call centers overwhelmingly target the elderly, with devastating effects. Almost half the victims report to be over 60 (46%), and experience 69% of the losses (over $724 million),” according to the FBI’s 2022 Annual Report.

Webinar Details

The webinar took place on Wednesday June 5, 2024, but you can still watch the recording!

Sponsored by PC Matic and CyberWyoming Alliance.


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