What businesses won the cybersecurity competition?

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

In its third consecutive year, Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses had the most entrants ever. This is good news. Every year companies learn about the people and processes side of cybersecurity and how to lead their cybersecurity team. This year more companies took up that responsibility, making all of us more secure – as employees, as board members, as customers, and as a community.

Many of the participants in this year’s competition started out feeling ‘not at all confident’ or ‘a little nervous’ with the subject of cybersecurity, but after going through the process were ‘very confident.’ They realized that cybersecurity is truly a people process. It is knowing what you need to protect, managing your security team, how to train employees, developing an internal marketing plan to keep up the awareness, and writing the policies to support all of it.

What is a security team? It isn’t just the technical aspect of cybersecurity. It is ensuring your accounts payable process has that second set of eyes, making sure your office’s door locks are secure, having your attorney review your policies, talking to your insurance agent about cyberliability policies to see if you need one, and using free training resources that your local economic development agencies provide. Your team is more than your technical professional – it is your internal network of security champions plus the professional services businesses you work with every day.

So which businesses joined the competition this year? I wish I could tell you. The big reveal is at Wyoming’s Cybesecurity Conference where the top 3 winners get to speak and tell you about their journey. But, I can tell you I feel sorry for the judges. It is going to be a tough year to decide. There were home-based businesses to businesses with 50 employees in diverse industries.

Registration link at https://cyberwyoming.org/conference and the conference is October 5-7, virtual, mornings.

CyberWyoming runs the businesses through the process thanks to the support of our members and sponsors.


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