What is Technical Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship isn’t just for welders or electricians anymore. It has morphed into the tech industry as a competency based registered apprenticeship. Competencies are basically a list of tasks that the apprentice works to show mastery. Yes, employers participating in apprenticeship programs get to review and modify the competencies.

Registered apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training, mentoring, classroom/self-study/online training, and rewarding the apprentice for gains in skills.
Registered apprenticeship is a Department of Labor approved training program.

Two Types of Apprenticeships Offered by CyberWyoming

Cybersecurity TechnicianIT Specialist


To Employers

Offset your hiring costs with apprenticeship incentive grants.
Offset your training costs with apprenticeship training grants.
Increases retention.
CyberWyoming offers free Cybrary and Safal’s LMS online training platform licenses through its partnership with Safal Partners.
CyberWyoming offers free soft skills training for your apprentices.

Increases Employee Engagement

Businesses that are in the top 25% on ‘employee engagement’ are
21% more profitable
17% more productive
Have 10% better customer ratings
Experience 41% less absenteeism
Suffer 70% fewer safety incidents


To Employees

Dual Credit – Comp TIA and other certifications count towards the competencies and related training

National, industry-recognized, portable credential from the Department of Labor upon completion of the program

Higher engagement

Better trained

Less debt

Long term career/earning potential

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To find out more about registered apprenticeship, email us at info@cyberwyoming.org.


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