Where does the internet service provider’s responsibility end and mine begin?

Small Business Cybersecurity: Feb 25 Free Webinar

LARAMIE – Small business owners are often shocked to find out that their internet service provider (ISP) does not secure their internet.

“We live in a world that has more dependency on the Internet than ever before, accelerated by a global pandemic. This webinar provides a perfect avenue to openly discuss challenges and concerns that will lead to a better understanding of individual roles and responsibilities of the business and ISP as related to hardware and software applications,” said speaker and Network Manager Jason Jenkins of Silver Star Communications.

Small businesses without technical help, often do not understand the equipment installed by the ISP and its purpose.  Many just assume that it includes firewall protections.  The webinar is designed to combat this assumption.

“Business operations will continue to change with time and be threatened by increasing cyber threats. I believe it is critical as a business to keep an open dialogue and form partnerships with your ISP to work together in meeting these demands and minimizing risks,” said Jenkins.

On Feb 25, Jenkins is teaming up with Dave Berry of Range and CyberWyoming to provide a free webinar for small businesses titled Where does the ISPs responsibility end and mine begin?

Registration for the event is online at https://cyberwyoming.org/events/.

The webinar is a series of Working Webinars that include 30 minutes of content expert presentations and then 45 minutes of work on a task with a mentor.  Mentors include past participants in Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses.

One of the volunteer mentors is Teresa Nealon, President of ESal Inc. “I wanted to help others after CyberWyoming helped us learn to manage our cybersecurity needs,” said Nealon.

While space is limited and preference is given to the cybersecurity competition participants, the Working Webinars are open to any Wyoming business that wants to learn about the topic.

Both the webinars and competition are free due to a donation from Microsoft and sponsorship from First Federal Bank & Trust of Sheridan, Campbell County Health, Wyoming Financial Insurance, EvnTec of Evanston, Sweetwater Technologies of Rock Springs, Factory IT of Jackson, Team Networks of Casper, IECA of Casper, DigeTekS LLC, Ptolemy Data Systems of Sheridan, and Manufacturing Works of Wyoming.

To participate in the competition, business owners or managers should contact info@cyberwyoming.org to get a copy of the intent to participate form and make an appointment to discuss how to become cybersecure.  CyberWyoming is responsible for monitoring efforts to meet best practices and helping the business owners document their progress.  The final step is submitting the documentation to the judges, chosen by local economic development agencies.

Information about Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses can be found at www.cyberwyoming.org/competition.


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