WyoGives 2024

Empowering Wyoming's Nonprofits!

Get ready to make a difference in Wyoming’s communities! WyoGives, an initiative by the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, is back with its powerful 24-hour online fundraising event. This statewide event aims to unite Wyoming as one community, raising funds and awareness for nonprofits across the state.

What is WyoGives?

WyoGives is a unique opportunity for individuals to support Wyoming’s nonprofits through a single, user-friendly platform: WyoGives.org. Here, you can easily find and donate to nonprofits that are making a positive impact in our communities every day.

Key Dates:

Mark your calendars for these important dates leading up to WyoGives:

  • Informational Kick-Off Webinar: March 13
  • Registration begins: March 14
  • Creating the Perfect Profile Webinar: April 3
  • Community-Based Marketing Webinar: April 18
  • Key Elements for a Successful Campaign Webinar (panel): April/May TBD
  • WyoGives Marketing Session at Wyoming Nonprofit Conference: May 14
  • Virtual Office Hours: May 23 – June 27
  • Community/Regional Promotions Work Session: June TBD
  • Last day to register: June 10
  • Final Steps webinar: June 18
  • Profile completion date: June 30
  • WyoGives: July 10th


More Events:

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