WyoGives 2024

How do MAGIC and LEGO assist in cybersecurity education?

They both have the power to make hackers disappear...brick by brick or abracadabra!

Please consider the CyberWyoming Alliance on WyoGives Day, July 10! 

What do we use the money for?

We buy pizza for the students during their semi-annual MAGIC cybersecurity puzzle challenge and need shipping money for the t-shirts.

We ship the LEGO Attack & Defense models to teachers across the state, and reimburse those same teachers for shipping costs when it is time to return the model.

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Empowering Wyoming's Nonprofits!

Get ready to make a difference in Wyoming’s communities! WyoGives, an initiative by the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, is back with its powerful 24-hour online fundraising event. This statewide event aims to unite Wyoming as one community, raising funds and awareness for nonprofits across the state.

What is WyoGives?

WyoGives is a unique opportunity for individuals to support Wyoming’s nonprofits through a single, user-friendly platform: WyoGives.org. Here, you can easily find and donate to nonprofits that are making a positive impact in our communities every day.

SAVE THE DATE: July 10, 2024!

Matching Donations!

Red Queen Dynamics will be matching LEGO Attack And Defense Model Shipping donations up to $450!
Northeast Wyoming BOCES will be matching Pizza & LEGO Attack And Defense Model Shipping up to $750!


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