WyoHackathon Part of UW’s Wyoming Blockchain Stampede

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August 24, 2022

Registration is underway for the 2022 WyoHackathon, presented by the University of Wyoming Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation (CBDI) Sept. 9-23.

The WyoHackathon is part of the fifth annual Wyoming Blockchain Stampede, which takes place Sept. 19-23. This year’s WyoHackathon is entirely online and will be managed by Rensa Games. Participants will take on a wide variety of sponsored challenges, all leveraging blockchain technology.

To register, interested participants can join the Rensa Games Discord server. Team formation and rules for the competition will be made available there. Challenges will be announced as sponsors are brought on board.

“The WyoHackathon presents challenges and bounties for developers, entrepreneurs and business professionals,” says CBDI Director Steven Lupien. “This year’s event was lengthened and structured to provide participants — from University of Wyoming students to others from around the world — a greater opportunity to collaborate and develop impactful solutions.”

The competition structure also will integrate blockchain, leveraging smart contracts developed by Wyoming company Rensa Games to automate funding, submissions, judging and payouts. Prizes will be distributed in MATIC on the Polygon blockchain.

“This integration will demonstrate the power of blockchain and smart contracts for fast, automatic and transparent transactions,” Lupien says. “It’s great to partner with a local platform to accomplish this, as Rensa Games won last year’s Startup Stampede pitch competition and met their lead developer at the hackathon.”

Challenge winners will be announced at the end of the Wyoming Blockchain Stampede Sept. 23. The stampede features a week of programs covering the financial, business, legal, cybersecurity and technical implications of blockchain.

Those interested in sponsoring a challenge at the WyoHackathon, or for more information, should email info@rensa.games and WYHackathonInfo@uwyo.edu.

Additional information about the WyoHackathon can be found at www.fbcinc.com/e/wyblockchainstampede/; and Rensa Games Discord at https://discord.gg/y7DEex8m6d and Introducing Game Jam DAO.

For more information, check out the original article on: https://www.uwyo.edu/uw/news/2022/08/wyohackathon-part-of-uws-wyoming-blockchain-stampede.html


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