Wyoming Completion Technologies Takes Third

Wyoming Completion Technologies 3rd Place

In the 2023 Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business

POWELL – A Powell family-owned manufacturer, Wyoming Completion Technologies, captured third place in Wyoming’s 2023 Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses, the first Powell business to ever place in the top 3 since the Competition’s inception in 2018.

Speaking at CyberCheyenne on August 17, cyber leader Jason Hecht discussed their biggest accomplishments including protecting their intellectual property, customer information and reputation by building and reinforcing a culture of continuous improvement.  Specifically, Hecht wanted to get ready for international expansion and understand the associated technical issues that it could pose.

“Wyoming Completion Technologies had the most security goals of any company in the history of Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition.  Jason came in with a mission in mind,” said Laura Baker, Executive Director of CyberWyoming and manager of the Competition.  Despite the competition being only 7 months long, Wyoming Completion Technologies met 87% of their security goals.

Thus, Hecht focused on shoring up the Powell office and planning and budgeting for the future.  This took a significant amount of effort and time, but Hecht felt creating a robust plan for technology infrastructure improvement and expansion required careful consideration and thoroughness.

Besides planning, a second major goal was to examine existing systems.  “The CyberWyoming Cybersecurity Competition was a great opportunity to harden our IT systems against the myriad of threats that exist online,” said Hecht.

Hecht identified a significant number of outdated and unused software systems and worked diligently to create an updated systems inventory list.  During that process, he trialed and chose a program that would give him greater visibility, revoked administrative access for specific users, implemented a password management system, and revised the company’s backup system.

“The great thing about CyberWyoming is they work with you at your own pace. Whether you can dedicate a few hours a week or a few hours a month to your goals, they help you stay on task despite evolving time constraints and project deadlines. There is no limit to what you can accomplish with CyberWyoming’s help and expertise,” said Hecht.  The average time commitment for participants is 4-6 hours per month.

The award was accepted on August 17, 2023, by Hecht at the CyberCheyenne Conference held at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne.

During the award ceremony, Baker also announced the first and second place winners:

First Place: Black Cat LLC, Cheyenne

Second Place: Jackson Hole Mobile Massage

“I am so proud of our three top place companies,” said Baker. “They all worked very hard and were extremely successful in securing their businesses and training their employees. I look forward to seeing their continued security journey.”


The 2023 Competition was made possible by our members and sponsors: Campbell County Health, Capitol Communications, Casper College, Cheyenne State Bank, CPU IT, DigeTekS, EvnTec, Factory IT, First Federal Bank & Trust, Gannett Peak Technical Services, Gula Tech Foundation, HUB International, IECA, K2 Technologies, PDS, Rocky Mountain Cybersecurity, Sweetwater Technology Services, TEAM, Wyoming Manufacturing Works

For more information about the 2023 Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses visit https://www.cyberwyoming.org/competition.

The competition was developed by CyberWyoming in 2018 to encourage Wyoming small businesses to meet best practices in cybersecurity through a home-grown program called Made Safe in Wyoming™.  The competition has gained national and international attention being the only of its kind and in February of 2022, winning a Gula Tech Foundation Award to expand its program in 2023.

About CyberWyoming: Founded in 2017, CyberWyoming, a 501(c)6 nonprofit, promotes the cybersecurity welfare and prosperity of the Wyoming business community including hands-on, high-touch education of small business stakeholders and technical registered apprenticeship.


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