Wyoming First in Region to Offer DOL Cyber Tech Apprenticeship

LARAMIE – CyberWyoming has become a Department of Labor Approved Apprenticeship Training Program for the position of Cybersecurity Technician and is recruiting employers and apprentices to participate in the program.

“There is no cost to the participating employers, other than the normal hiring cost.,” said Michael Ann Broad, Director of the State Apprenticeship Office. “However, CyberWyoming administers the program and training, with input from the participating employer.”

A survey of businesses with apprenticeship programs found that 97% would recommend apprenticeship to others, according to the Department of Labor.

The Cybersecurity Technician Apprenticeship is a competency based apprenticeship which means that apprentices need to demonstrate knowledge in eight different job functions including:  security policies and protocols; technical support to users or customers; managing networks and firewalls; managing and maintaining server configurations; configuring tools to detect and prevent potential threats; assess business continuity, vulnerabilities, and risks; identification of suspicious activity on networks; and responding to cyber intrusions and attacks with defensive strategies.

“This program pairs well with the A+ certification, Cisco networking courses, server management, and Microsoft certifications classes and offerings at Wyoming’s community colleges,” said Roger Findley of Laramie County Community College. “I reviewed the competencies with CyberWyoming and the State Apprenticeship Office and noted that they go very well with existing course offerings.”

Wyoming and the nation currently have a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, according to cyberseek.org, Wyoming has 172 cyber related job openings and the US has 313,735 job openings. 

According to the Department of Labor, the average retention for apprentices completing programs is 91%.  Since many of these apprentices may be younger students, this fits well with the Wyoming Grown program to keep Wyoming’s young professional resources within the State.

The apprenticeship requires a minimum of 2000 hours of on-the-job training and credit for competencies can be gained if classroom courses meet the requirements.  Ongoing training is also required of the apprentice including soft skills training with CyberWyoming, vendor trainings that may be required by the employer, and conferences that may be required by the employer.

 “Two arms of CyberWyoming fit together: training non-technical cyber leaders within small business and training the workforce to be ready for small business cybersecurity teams managed by those leaders,” said Laura Baker, Executive Director of CyberWyoming.

For more information about becoming an employer or apprentice, please contact info@cyberwyoming.org.

CyberWyoming is a nonprofit organization that aims to create cyber leaders in every small business in Wyoming via the Made Safe in Wyoming Program, facilitate training and education opportunities for Wyoming’s cyber workforce, and create a cyber community to increase awareness of citizens throughout the State. 


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