Wyoming Gives is Tomorrow!

#WyoGives is tomorrow!

Senior Flyer Story:

A senior in Wyoming told me this story yesterday.

She turned on her computer one day and there was a Window saying she should call an 800 number because her computer was malfunctioning. She couldn’t get past this window. The information for tech support looked legit, so she called them and was on the phone with them for 2 hours as they ‘fixed’ her machine. Later she realized they were looking through her files trying to find her user ids and passwords and personal information.

They actually asked for her to pay them for ‘fixing’ her computer and she scanned them the check information.

The next day, she talked to her banker and found out it was a scam. She stopped payment on the check and, now, almost a year later, these scammers are still trying to collect on the check.

Yes, she did call an IT professional to clean off her computer and she was very relieved that she doesn’t keep ANY personal information on her computer. But she spent hours on the phone notifying her bank and retirement accounts.

This is the kind of alert we send to senior centers statewide.
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