Wyoming Governor Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Celebrating Opportunities and Progress at the Proclamation of National Apprenticeship Week in Wyoming with Governor Mark Gordon and CyberWyoming. Together, we shape a brighter future for our state!

Wyoming Governor Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

From November 13 to 19, 2023, Wyoming joins the nation in celebrating the 9th National Apprenticeship Week. Governor Mark Gordon has officially proclaimed November 13 to 19 as a time to acknowledge the significance of Registered Apprenticeships in the state.

In his proclamation, Governor Gordon emphasizes the critical role Registered Apprenticeship programs play in Wyoming. These programs allow individuals to earn while they learn, opening doors to high-quality jobs and careers. Governor Gordon states, “Wyoming recognizes that Registered Apprenticeship, a proven and industry-driven training model, is a key strategy to improve job quality and create access to good-paying, family-sustaining jobs for all.”

Furthermore, Registered Apprenticeship programs align with Wyoming’s ever-changing economic demands, offering employers the chance to develop their future workforce. These programs also provide career seekers affordable routes to secure high-paying jobs.

Governor Gordon’s proclamation highlights the inclusivity of Registered Apprenticeship programs, providing opportunities for all qualified individuals, regardless of their past experiences.

CyberWyoming extends its gratitude to Governor Mark Gordon for signing the proclamation celebrating National Apprenticeship Week in Wyoming. We appreciate the opportunity to attend and speak on behalf of the cybersecurity community during this important week. The Governor’s support highlights the critical role of modernizing cybersecurity in our state and addressing the evolving challenges in our digital landscape.

The week of November 13 to 19, 2023, is an opportunity for us to reflect on the impact of Registered Apprenticeships and how they provide opportunities for Wyoming residents. These programs are not just a pathway to success; they are building blocks for stronger communities and essential solutions to our most pressing workforce challenges.

A Pivotal Document: Governor Gordon's Proclamation for National Apprenticeship Week in Wyoming, highlighting the significance of Registered Apprenticeships.

Join us for the next apprenticeship celebration event in Casper on November 15!


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