Wyoming Nonprofit Warns Others of a Scam

Fake Donation Scam Reported by Wyoming Nonprofit: 

If you receive an email with the subject line “Donation from State Farm,” a Wyoming nonprofit wants you to check it out closely and call State Farm to make sure it is legit.  The original email was from a Gmail address from “Lewis from the Department of State Farm Insurance.”  The email stated that State Farm wanted to give the nonprofit $3000.  The correspondence continued and eventually Lewis sent a fake check to the nonprofit.  However, when the check was received, it was for $6000 instead of $3000 and a ‘mistake’ was made. Now Lewis wants the nonprofit to pay $3000 to a Zelle account because “mail delivery doesn’t always run here.”  

CyberWyoming note:  Watch for those Gmail addresses because State Farm wouldn’t ever send a donation from a Gmail address.

Please report your scams to phishing@cyberwyoming.org to warn your fellow Wyomingites!


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