Wyoming Tech Employers Commend Apprenticeship

Caption: Sayer Hendrickson, first Cybersecurity Technician Apprentice in Wyoming to graduate from the program.

LARAMIE – Wyoming employers participating in the cybersecurity technician Department of Labor registered apprenticeship recently ranked the CyberWyoming sponsored program 4.9 out of 5 for training their employees.

“Having Wyoming based training tailored to how we do business is a very positive part of the program,” said Steve Hendrickson, CEO of CMIT Solutions in Casper.

Wyoming is the number one state for business start-ups, but there are three open jobs for every worker according to the Cowboy State Daily, and every business has to manage their digital world.  In addition, Wyoming has 852 cybersecurity related job openings according to cyberseek.org.

“Apprenticeship, regardless of the industry, is part of the solution to filling these jobs.  Studies show that apprenticeship increases employee engagement, and thus employee retention,” said Laura Baker, Executive Director of CyberWyoming.

Wyoming has apprenticeship programs from nursing to welding.  CyberWyoming was the first in the region to develop a technology apprenticeship program in 2019. Along with the State Office of Apprenticeship and the Department of Labor, two apprenticeship curricula were developed for the entry level IT Specialist and the more advanced Cybersecurity Technician.

Apprenticeship programs are free to any Wyoming employer and provide a nationally recognized training program to develop mastery of job functions and address the skills gap.  CyberWyoming’s technical apprenticeship program also provides soft skills training in conflict management, project management, accounting statements, budgeting, policies, culture, and other managerial skills.

Incentives for registered apprenticeship through the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services are available for any Wyoming company participating in the apprenticeship program, from technical professionals to electricians.

“We are very thankful that the state of Wyoming has an apprenticeship program through CyberWyoming.  It has helped us in many ways that we didn’t think was possible.  The syllabus for the training goals through CyberWyoming has been a game changer for us; we are able to accurately track our apprentice competencies and have a better understanding of our apprentice learning capabilities and areas of improvement,” said Linh Le representing the participating employer, DigeTekS LLC.

In the last six months, two apprentices from CMIT Solutions of Wyoming – one apprentice from DigeTekS LLC and one apprentice from the Wyoming Department of Education – have graduated from the program.

Apprentices who complete the program are awarded a nationally recognized certificate from the Department of Labor.

To find out more about the apprenticeship program, email info@cyberwyoming.org.


Caption: Sayer Hendrickson, first Cybersecurity Technician Apprentice in Wyoming to graduate from the program.


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