Youth Apprenticeship Week: Celebrating Career Success

National Youth Apprenticeship Week Celebrates Career Pathways and Success Stories

This year marks the inaugural National Youth Apprenticeship Week (YAW), celebrating Registered Apprenticeship programs for youth aged 16-24. YAW is a platform for various stakeholders to recognize apprenticeships’ vital role in nurturing talent across diverse industries. From cybersecurity to healthcare, apprenticeships offer hands-on training, equipping young individuals for successful careers. YAW aims to raise awareness among youth, educators, parents, and industry professionals, emphasizing apprenticeships as pathways to fulfilling careers. Today, we spotlight apprentices like Nate Griffith, showcasing the transformative impact of these programs.

Nate Griffith’s Apprenticeship Experience: A Testimony of Growth and Opportunity

Nate Griffith, a Consultant for DigeTekS who graduated from the Cybersecurity Support Tech apprenticeship, shares his journey and reflections on his apprenticeship experience. Throughout his tenure, Griffith engaged in various cybersecurity incidents, each offering unique challenges and learning opportunities. From navigating incident response protocols to participating in tabletop exercises, Griffith’s apprenticeship provided a comprehensive immersion into the dynamics of cybersecurity.

Griffith emphasizes the value of engaging with seasoned professionals, whose expertise and guidance enriched his learning experience. Witnessing their skills honed over years in the field inspired Griffith, shaping his own professional aspirations and development.

“My experience as a cybersecurity apprentice has been instrumental in shaping my readiness for future roles and opportunities within the field. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is the importance of self-assessment and goal-setting. By immersing myself in real-world cybersecurity scenarios and navigating the complexities of incident response, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement. This self-awareness has empowered me to set realistic goals and pursue them with determination and focus. Whether it’s honing technical skills or refining my communication abilities, my apprenticeship has provided me with a solid foundation upon which to build my career in cybersecurity,” says Griffith.

Reflecting on his transformation throughout the program, Griffith acknowledges a shift in perspective regarding apprenticeships. Initially associated with traditional trades, Griffith now recognizes their versatility across diverse industries. His cybersecurity apprenticeship challenged conventional perceptions, offering a dynamic pathway into the heart of digital defense.

Looking ahead, Griffith envisions a future where cybersecurity apprenticeships continue to evolve alongside technological advancements. He emphasizes the importance of incorporating cutting-edge technologies into apprenticeship curricula, equipping future professionals to tackle emerging cyber threats effectively.

“My advice to students or young professionals contemplating a career in cybersecurity through apprenticeship programs is simple: seize the opportunity with enthusiasm. Beyond acquiring technical cybersecurity skills, apprenticeships offer a holistic learning experience that extends to communication, teamwork, and client interaction. Embrace these opportunities to develop not only as a cybersecurity professional but also as a well-rounded individual equipped with the essential soft skills valued in the industry. Recognize that the fusion of technical expertise and interpersonal abilities will not only enhance your effectiveness in cybersecurity roles but also enrich your overall experience in the field. So, dive in wholeheartedly, and let the journey toward becoming a cybersecurity professional be as rewarding as it is educational,” adds Griffith.

Griffith’s experience underscores the significance of apprenticeships in preparing individuals for future roles and opportunities. From self-assessment to goal-setting, his apprenticeship equipped him with invaluable skills and insights crucial for success in the cybersecurity field.

Nate Griffith proudly holding his hard-earned Certificate of Completion, marking his journey as a Cyber Security Support Technician.

CyberWyoming: Bridging the Gap with Apprenticeships

YAW and CyberWyoming’s Apprenticeship Program both aim to provide opportunities for young individuals to kickstart their careers, particularly in high-demand industries like cybersecurity. By connecting these two initiatives, we can emphasize the importance of cultivating talent early on and bridging the skills gap in cybersecurity. Employers and young professionals alike are encouraged to explore apprenticeship opportunities, such as CyberSecurity Technician Apprenticeship IT Specialist Apprenticeship, and the CyberSecurity Business Counselor for Micro Business. In addition to apprenticeship offerings, CyberWyoming promotes professional development through the Wyoming Chapter of Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). The chapter provides a platform for networking and access to resources essential for career advancement in cybersecurity. 

About CyberWyoming: Founded in 2017, CyberWyoming, a 501(c)6 nonprofit, promotes the cybersecurity welfare and prosperity of the Wyoming business community including hands-on, high-touch education of small business stakeholders and technical registered apprenticeship.


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